Mark Your lines today at Kerala house.

Today is the grand finale of the Art project. This project was started as an attempt to explore the possibilities of art as a medium of expression, enjoyment and communal cohesion with special emphasis on Malayalee community. We performed three group drawing workshops with a participation of around 60. This was totally different from the sort of "gatherings" the community generally do. This experimental attempt gave us enough courage to go further. Kattankaappy will be conducting guided group gallery visits and open air communal drawing events during summer.   Please pop in today at Kerala house to mark your lines and colours between 2pm and 5pm. There will be a communal drawing in yet another form today. Artist Jose Antony will be helping us.   London is gifted with a whole list of galleries and art exhibition sites like National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Saatchi Gallery, Barbican Art Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Somerset House, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery etc. Most of them are FREE too. Let's start using it in a meaningful way!!!   Thanks Baker Ross Ltd ( for supporting us for the art endeavor. We have been using the paints and other supplies from Baker Ross throughout the project. Thanks Aniyan Kunnathu for organising the event at Stevenage

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